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Coreva Scientific puts a strong focus on communication and service.
We want to enjoy our collaborations with you and are dedicated to building long-term relationships with each of our partners.
We aim to put the focus on collaborating with you as project partners, rather than using the standard client-customers relationship so common in consulting.
Here you will find information about the projects that we have run and their success.

Our clients & partners
What our clients say about us
“This project helped our business make the determination not to proceed with an acquisition – the literature review was so complete, and the insights so relevant, it was instrumental in informing our decision.”

Anonymous project feedback, Medical Devices Company

“Coreva Scientific consistently provides excellent work. They are reliable professionals. I value their integrity.”

Anonymous project feedback, Medical Devices Company

“Your service is the most outstanding of any vendor I have ever worked with.”

Anonymous project feedback, USA

“Rhodri, you and your team are by far the best HE consulting firm I have ever had the opportunity to work with! Knowledgeable, skillful, approachable, flexible, affordable, patient, diligent and exceptional at what and how you do it.”

Anonymous project feedback, Medical Devices Company

“I have found Rhodri and Coreva Scientific to be superior to other health economic consultancies in comprehension, collaboration, and execution.”

Anonymous project feedback, Medical Devices Company

The literature search was invaluable and exactly what was needed – and at the right level – to inform their decision.

Senior Director, Medical Affairs, USA

“Coreva remains an important partner to [us]. We look forward to continued work together.”

Global manager, Healthcare Company

“Rhodri you and your team have been fantastic! I have and will continue to recommend Coreva Scientific.”

Anonymous project feedback, Medical Devices Company, USA

“From my side, all was perfect.”

Project co-ordinator, Belgium

“Absolutely this project was a success.”

Anonymous project feedback, Medical Devices Company, USA

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About working with Coreva Scientific
Would you consider this project a success? 100%
How well did we meet your objectives for this project? 99%
How well informed did you feel regarding the progress of the project? 99%
Were staff responsive to any queries regarding the project? 100%
To what extent do you feel that this project represented value for money? 98%

Clients that would recommend Coreva Scientific to a friend or colleague.

The global mean response to this question for consulting companies is 57% (satisfaction, data from the SurveyMonkey Global Benchmark as of October 2017), showing clearly that Coreva Scientific is one of the best companies for client satisfaction.