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Solutions provided by Coreva Scientific, survey, data management

Data management tools: to transform data into value

Aim: To transform data into value

Application: To increase the collection and efficient use of data while removing redundancy

Identifies: How a population uses or wants to use data and then optimizes the process

Informs: Data usage policies, product evaluation, and client interactions

Good data management increases efficiency within the workplace and facilitates the appropriate sharing, reuse, and analysis of data. At the same time, data management tools must focus on data security and limit redundancy of data stored.

Coreva Scientific designs bespoke data management tools that can be used for tracking study development or product trials as part of a value-based healthcare or risk-sharing agreement. These agreements only work correctly if outcomes data can be easily and efficiently collected and analysed during the pre‑evaluation and evaluation period. For example, our tools are used to collect data on patient outcomes and physician interventions during sedation and provide an instant assessment of the relative risk of events with and without the use of the trialled product. Such tools are designed in collaboration with the primary clinical team trialling the product, ensuring that they are comfortable with the data collection tool before the product evaluation begins.

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