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My publications
Blüher, M., Mallow, P., Lankiewicz, J., Brandt, D., & Saunders, R. (2019). Providing value in the prevention of sternal wound infections following coronary artery bypass graft. Presented at the EHMA (European Health Management Association), Espoo, Finland.
Blüher, M., Mittard, V., Torrejon Torres, R., & Saunders, R. (2019). Limitations in health-economic guidance for medical devices. Presented at the HTAi annual meeting, Cologne, Germany.
Blüher, M., Mittard, V., Davis, J., Torrejon Torres, R., & Saunders, R. (2019). Economic evaluation of medical devices: are there lessons to be learnt from Europe? Presented at the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR), New Orleans, USA. Retrieved from
Saunders, R., Blüher, M., & Lankiewicz, J. (2019). Care burden associated with sternal wound surgical site infections after coronary artery bypass graft. Presented at the European Operating Room Nurses Association (EORNA), The Hague, the Netherlands.
Torrejon Torres, R., McAlindon, M., Lobo, A., Blüher, M., Leonard, C., Van Lent, N., & Saunders, R. (2018). Is pan-enteric video capsule endoscopy a cost-effective option for optimization of Crohn’s Disease therapy in England? Presented at the United European Gastroenterology (UEG) Week, Vienna, Austria.
Saunders, R., Blüher, M., Torrejon Torres, R., Williams, M. J., Richardson, K., & Kosinski, L. (2018). Using small bowel and colon video capsule endoscopy to optimize Crohn’s disease therapy may improve patient quality of life. Presented at the European crohn’s and colitis organisation (ECCO), Vienna, Austria.
Blüher, M. (2016). Synergistic Movement Patterns in the Polydactyly Hand: A Case Study (Master thesis). Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg.
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Team publications
Team publications