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 Scientific manuscript in health economics


Aim: To provide interesting and in-depth insights into a research question, its results, and its implication to modern healthcare provision

Application: Peer-reviewed manuscripts provide high-quality evidence to support product value and market positioning

Informs: Readers about high-quality evidence underpinning a product’s value


Scientific research and review manuscripts aim to engage the reader in an interesting, academic question and communicate the novel findings from the research described. A successful manuscript must pose the question addressed by the research in a manner that draws in the reader, while framing the manuscript narrative to allow a product value story to develop naturally.

As an academic publication, it is crucial that the methodology utilized is described in sufficient detail in the manuscript to allow for replication of the research and full understanding of the results. A manuscript developed by Coreva Scientific will ensure that the results section presents a balanced reflection of the data and outcomes obtained, while maintaining the flow of the value story. Through optimal use of figures and tables, the value of the results can be made more impactful compared with what is possible using text alone. The discussion section is then used to draw the story together, outlining the pro and cons of the analysis and unifying the work with other published analyses.

We cannot promise that manuscripts will be accepted for publication, but with extensive experience in academic and commercial science communications and a desire to let the data ‘talk’, Coreva Scientific and its staff have a substantial body of published manuscripts to their name.

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