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Physician or payer survey

Aim: To obtain new data or information on a topic that cannot otherwise be sourced appropriately

Application: Obtain specific data on a research question directly from the target market or audience

Identifies: How a random sample of your target population feel or think about a particular subject

Informs: Product development, market strategies, model development, forecasting, or segmentation

Surveys can be conducted face-to-face, on the telephone, or most-commonly over the internet. Face-to-face and telephone survey collected a relatively limited volume of data and are best suited to understanding thoughts and feelings that act as decision drivers in the market place. Online surveys can target many more respondents more cheaply and are used to quantify the overall market landscape. Such surveys could be used to understand treatment patterns, the cost of adverse events, or which product feature is perceived as providing the most value. With sufficient data, the statistical analysis and insights provided by a survey specifically designed for your research question can be a very powerful driver of product or messaging enhancement, and thus drive product adoption.

Physician or payer survey