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Are you using the best evidence to support your products value and price? Are your colleagues? To identify the strongest data and to keep everyone on message, a value dossier can be very advantageous. In brief, value dossiers are documents providing compilations of evidence to support the value of an intervention. Such value can be economic (e.g. cost-savings and cost-effectiveness), or patient outcomes (e.g. mortality, pain, and adverse events). The dossier can be written directly for provision to your customers or for use internally as a “product bible”.

The precise nature of a value dossier is tailored to the needs of the situation, limited only by what data are available. At Coreva Scientific, value dossiers can be broadly cast into two categories: the global value dossier (GVD) and the short-form value dossier (SF-VD). The GVD serves as a comprehensive resource of all available data related to a device or intervention. It will provide both context, including description of the disease (epidemiology, current treatment), unmet needs, available interventions, and data related to your intervention or product (efficacy, outcomes, economic impact). Any internal data are supported by referenced reports drawn from the highest available quality, published, peer-reviewed literature derived from a comprehensive structured search. Pulling all the data together, the GVD presents the product’s evidenced-based key messages for communication to your internal team and customers.
In contrast, the short-form value dossier (SF-VD) is an abridged version of the GVD. This document may also be global in scope and include background/disease context, but will provide more of a narrative with tables, summary figures, and potentially aggregate statistics to bring together the granular detail available in a GVD. The SF-VD can be customer-facing (payers, providers, or patients), with a narrative flow for value messaging. It has a greater focus on readability and effective communication tailored to the target audience.

Whichever dossier is generated, an important consideration is objectivity of data collection. Especially for the SF-VD, with its more focused remit, the audience must be reassured that the literature presented is not a biased view of the landscape, selected for positive outcomes. The potential (and indeed expectation) is, that the dossiers contain both positive and less positive results for your product. Despair not – no one believes in the miracle cure! It is generally understood that an intervention may not perform perfectly in all: situations, patient populations, and providers’ hands. Careful examination of outlying results will increase the fidelity of the report, more effectively communicating the real world situation to those making the all-important purchasing decision.

The skill required to prepare a value dossier, is to be able to get the data to communicate its value. This is where Coreva Scientific excels, we would be happy to discuss any requirements with you.