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Exceptional research quality and client satisfaction are our focus with each and every project. Over the course of 2017 we are proud to have worked on over 31 projects that covered 11 medical products and 10 countries. Evidence has been presented in 3 published manuscripts, 9 abstracts, 7 posters and congress presentations. Most important to us, though, was the 100% client satisfaction. Thank you for support, to find out more about our 2017 work please read on.

Our 31 projects included 57 deliverables, and covered areas such as: venous thromboembolism and prophylaxis, enteral nutrition, hysteroscopic tissue removal, Crohn´s Disease, capsule endoscopy, mechanical ventilation, suturing, ligation, and respiratory and cardiac monitoring. This work covered diverse healthcare systems in North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania.

Work is only one part of the client relation, and we aim to put the focus on collaborating with you as project partners such that everyone benefits from open and easy communication. We want to enjoy our collaborations with you and are dedicated to building long-term relationships with partners and products. Client feedback is requested for each project to help us identify weakness, grow, and improve. It is fantastic to report that during this year’s evaluation, we received only very positive responses:

  • They attest a 100% project success and 100% staff responsiveness to any queries
  • Using one word, they describe Coreva Scientific as “partner”, “competent” and “thorough”
  • 100% would recommend us to a friend or colleague
  • We provide great value for money
  • More details can be found on our webpage