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What is a Value Dossier?

Aim: To consolidate the evidence and value messages supporting a product

Application: To be an information and value compendium that can ensure consistent use of data across geographies/affiliates and facilitate preparation of reimbursement and health-technology-assessment (HTA) agency applications

Identifies: All relevant data surrounding a product and its value proposition

Informs: Development of regulatory and marketing materials

A value dossier is a compendium of key evidence supporting a product or procedure. The dossier draws together data from multiple sources to build evidence of value. These data are extensively referenced to published literature and performed clinical trials. A standard dossier contains background information on epidemiology, the therapy area, current clinical practice, disease burden, unmet needs, the product, competitor products, and evidence on clinical, economic, and humanistic value. Many value dossiers include development of product value messages that can be referenced to the supporting evidence.

As part of a value dossier project, the development of health economic (budget-impact or cost-effectiveness) models can be included because the data required to inform them is collated as part of the process. Furthermore, the prospect of value creation though meta-analysis can be assessed.

Although generally developed for internal use, it is becoming more common to develop a short-form value dossier alongside the internal evidence compendium. This short-form dossier can be used to present the clinical and economic value of products to healthcare payers and providers.

Value Dossier