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A data-driven,
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Value in healthcare requires health economics and value-based contracting. Coreva Scientific provides consultancy services to companies with an interest in healthcare.

You, as a provider of medical products, need to effectively Communicate Research Value. It is from this premise that Coreva was born. We are specialists in data acquisition, analysis, and modelling.

“Coreva’s thoroughness, service and outcomes are not comparable to anything else.”

– VP, Medical Device Company

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Our aim is to provide you with insights and build product value through the development of data-driven, evidence-based messaging. Off-the-shelf solutions are off the table, all our work is developed de novo and is specific to your needs.

For communications, research, or strategy around value, Coreva Scientific can help you.

Transform data into value

Our raison d’être is to “transform data into value”. We employ standard but often advanced scientific principles to encourage your data to ‘talk’. Coreva Scientific focus on academic, scientific integrity means that all our work passes validity tests and is suitable for publication in the most highly regarded journals and congresses. We aim to publish as much of our work as possible in scientific, peer-reviewed journals or at professional congresses.

Coreva Scientific puts a strong focus on communication and customer service. We want to enjoy our collaborations with you and are dedicated to building long-term relationships with each of our partners.

Healthcare compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) is one of the most far reaching legislative act passed and it directly affects healthcare providers in the US and those working with them. The servers used by Coreva Scientific are compliant with HIPAA and HITECH requirements, meaning that you can share data with us secure in the knowledge of continued compliance. In line with data laws, Coreva scientific uses compliant AWS servers with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 and HIPAA. Given the 2015 ruling on case C-362/14, any client concerned by data storage on servers owned by a USA company can have their data stored fully in the EU (Karlsruhe, Germany) on a TÜV (ISO 27001) certified server. Within our system, we can also offer storage on any AWS server location (covering 6 continents) you request to maintain your data sovereignty.


It is always our aim to collaborate with our clients, with everyone on an equal footing. Coreva Scientific believes that it is only in this way that ideas and creative solutions can be brought to the fore, allowing for development of value that has previously gone unrecognised.

Data security

Your data is secure with Coreva Scientific. All our servers use enterprise grade security and only scientists working on your project can access the related data and files. Access logs mean that any interaction with your data can be identified. For streamlined transfer of propriety information and documents, we implement encrypted email communication upon request. One of our first questions to new clients is how you would like information/document transfer to occur and we flexibly adapt to your needs.

Scientific integrity

At the heart of all our work is academic, scientific rigour. Working with Coreva Scientific, you can be sure that all analyses, conclusions, and developed value have scientific validity. We are always confident that data can deliver value, if we cannot, however, answer the questions that you require using the available data we will let you know in the quickest possible time. We will never ‘create’ data, it is just not what we do!

Team Members

Our Team

Rhodri Saunders

Rhodri Saunders

Founding Director

  • DPhil
Rafael Torrejon Torres

Rafael Torrejon Torres

Health Economist – Digital Solutions

  • BSc, MSc
Sita Saunders

Sita Saunders

HEOR Project Leader

  • Dr. rer. nat. (PhD)
Scott Gibson

Scott Gibson

Health Economist

  • MA, BA
Amanda Hansson

Amanda Hansson

HEOR and Market Access Consultant

  • BSc, MSc
Maximilian Blüher

Maximilian Blüher

Health Economics Associate

  • BSc, MSc
Virginie Mittard

Virginie Mittard

Data Protection Officer

  • DPhil
Natalie Gugliotta

Natalie Gugliotta

Team Assistant / Office Manager

  • -
Francesca Torrejon Torres

Francesca Torrejon Torres

Assistant to the CEO

  • MMus

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