Want more than just a price and a tag line for your medical technology? Coreva Scientific builds value for your product. Our expertise is applied health economics and value-based healthcare. Whether it be pricing, cost effectiveness, burden of disease, or new value streams – Coreva Scientific are your partner from ideas to success.


A data-driven consultancy

Coreva Scientific is a young and dynamic consultancy for the healthcare industry. Our skill lies in making health and economic data talk for your product. We help our partners to develop new value for their products or determine the best mix of services and treatments to offer patients. Interested in quantifying value? Want to determine ROI? Need to collect the right health and economic data? Considering a meta-analysis? Coreva Scientific can help make the most of your data and your investment.

Product value creation

Product value creation

Customized data collection

Customized data collection



Market access

Market access

Data analysis

Data analysis

Medical device specialists

From May 2021 the new EU medical-device regulations are in force with a greater focus on and need for high-quality evidence generation. Slowly, requirements for medical technologies are coming into line with those for pharmaceuticals. Medical devices, though, have unique challenges:

  • Learning curve
  • Incremental innovation
  • Organizational impact
  • Diversity

Read our published manuscript on the health-economic landscape for medical device in Europe. Working with Coreva Scientific you will be supported by a team that knows your business. Where others may try and lever your product into the pharma scenarios that they know and trust, we build a solution for you.


Let us develop value for your project



  • Cost effectiveness
  • Budget impact
  • Value-based pricing
  • Cost calculators
  • Return on investment
Regulatory & reimbursement

Regulatory & reimbursement

  • Real-world evidence
  • Data collection apps
  • Cost collection
  • Database analysis
Data acquisition & analysis

Data acquisition & analysis

  • Survey
  • Delphi panels
  • Desk research
  • Cost-consequence analyses
  • Patient segmentation
Literature review

Literature review

  • Structured or systematic
  • Landscaping
  • Evidence base
  • Competitor


  • Value dossiers
  • Manuscripts
  • Congress presentations
  • Posters and abstracts


  • Comparative effectiveness
  • Indirect-treatment comparison
  • Bayesian methods
  • Network meta-analysis
Market access

Market access

  • Pricing
  • NUB and MTEP submissions
  • DRGs
  • Clinical trial design
  • Epidemiology

We embrace digital health
and develop apps for
real-world evidence generation

Does published data meet your needs? Can registries and databases be used to assess your medical technology? Either way, we are here to help: If the answer is no, then we can develop apps to help capture the data you need to progress your product and its value story. If yes, we can analyze large data sets, extracting stories from data to improve your evidence base.


Working with
Coreva Scientific

We put a strong focus on communication and service. It is our belief that one phone call can replace and be more efficient than 20 emails. Want to meet face-to-face, we can be there. We have one requirement, mutual respect – on every project together we are partners. You are not a customer, we are not outsourcing. Together we build value.

Your product knowledge combined with our area expertise brings growth. All our research and analysis is scientifically and academically sound. Work with us safe in the knowledge that you can publish results in reputable journals and at top-line congresses.

You are kept up-to-date and your data is kept safe:

  • Detailed project proposals
  • Regular calls
  • Full GDPR compliance
  • International, academic staff