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We build value throughout the entire product lifecycle – and we have fun doing it.

  • Plan for success – Design studies to optimize value outcome.
  • Identify gaps – What is missing to complete your value story?
  • Build value – Any analysis or data generation you need, we create.
  • Communicate for success – Value messages are published in the international academic setting.
  • Find your market – Given the evidence, we identify where your product can do best.
Answers to your questions

Whatever your question or need, our solution is completed with academic and scientific quality at the forefront. Take a look below at some common questions we receive and how we often go about answering them.

How does my technology fit into the current patient pathway?

  • Review of guidelines, care pathways, and related items such as DRGs
  • Consensus mapping if multiple countries included
  • Interviews with stakeholders such as physicians, payers and patients
  • Pathway modelling

What is the cost-effectiveness profile of my technology?

  • Literature review to determine endpoints that can be leveraged
  • Development of cost-utility, cost-benefit, or other comparative model
  • Sensitivity analysis and outcome driver assessment
  • Preparation of manuscript or congress presentation

How does my product’s clinical effectiveness compare to other products?

  • Systematic literature review
  • Meta-analysis, network meta-analysis or indirect-treatment comparison
  • Data analysis or modelling

How do I quantify the economic impact of my medical device or technology?

  • Budget-impact analysis, return-on-investment model, or cost calculator
  • Review of economic literature and payer resources for costs
  • Interviews with physicians and payers

How do I communicate to payers how it benefits them?

  • Evidence review
  • Development of value dossier or presentation deck
  • Cross-referencing to peer-reviewed literature
  • Objection handler preparation

How do I obtain data on how my technology is performing in clinical practice?

  • Literature review to identify data published to date
  • Design of data collection protocols and tools as required
  • Interaction with hospital groups and data collection
  • Data analysis, general outcomes, identification of target groups, multivariate regression, segmentation
  • Publication as required


Let us develop value for your project



  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Budget impact
  • Value-based pricing
  • Cost calculators
  • Return on investment
Regulatory & reimbursement

Regulatory & reimbursement

  • Real-world evidence
  • Data-collection apps
  • Cost collection
  • Database analysis
Data acquisition & analysis

Data acquisition & analysis

  • Surveys
  • Delphi panels
  • Desk research
  • Cost-consequence analyses
  • Patient segmentation
Literature review

Literature review

  • Structured or systematic
  • Landscaping
  • Evidence-base collection
  • Competitor assessment


  • Value dossiers
  • Manuscripts
  • Congress presentations
  • Posters and abstracts
  • E-Learning and educational videos


  • Comparative effectiveness
  • Indirect-treatment comparison
  • Bayesian methods
  • Network meta-analysis
Market access

Market access

  • Pricing
  • Reimbursement and data source landscaping
  • Strategic support
  • NUB and MTEP submissions
  • DRGs
  • Clinical trial design
  • Epidemiology

A powerful, data-driven value
story for your product

Making your product standout from the crowd requires a value message with impact. With healthcare budgets being continuously stretched, increasing the perceived value of a product is more important than ever. At Coreva Scientific we help our partners to develop new value for their products or to determine the best mix of services and treatments to offer customers. From initial study design or data collection through to market access, we move your product forward with scientific evidence always at the fore.

Product value creation

Product value creation

Customized data collection

Customized data collection



Market access

Market access

Data analysis

Data analysis

By experienced data scientists

Using rigorous academic analysis procedures,
Coreva Scientific can take your raw data and identify new value streams for your products.