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A value dossier is a compendium of key evidence supporting a product or procedure. Read moreBudget impact analysis (BIA) or budget-impact modelling (BIM) is an essential part of any health economic assessment. Read more ….
Meta-analysis is viewed as some of the highest levels of clinical evidence available and their outcomes are likely to be publishable.  Read moreA cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) or cost-effectiveness model (CEM) estimates the cost of healthcare provision and the potential patient outcomes, both positive and negative (e.g. adverse events), and quantifies the cost-benefit ratio between them. Read more
Risk sharing agreements are a relatively new and innovative payment or reimbursement model that spreads the risk and opportunity between the two key stakeholders: payers and manufacturers. Read moreSolutions provided by Coreva Scientific, survey, data managementSurveys can be conducted face-to-face, on the telephone, or most-commonly over the internet. Read more
Solutions provided by Coreva Scientific, survey, data managementA literature review summarizes the information on a topic over a specified time period. Read moreSolutions provided by Coreva Scientific, survey, data managementGood data management increases efficiency within the workplace and facilitates the appropriate sharing, reuse, and analysis of data. Read more
The purpose of a scientific abstract is to concisely communicate the question addressed by the research, including the methodology utilized, and the resultant value created and insights gained.Read moreScientific research and review manuscripts aim to engage the reader in an interesting, academic question and communicate the novel findings from the research described. Read more